Some Of The Best Amazing Beaches In India For Travel Lover

Best Amazing Beaches


From sea to sea, from waves to waves, how many names of blue water! That’s the way to start talking about the sea. Maybe there is no one who does not love the sea. Ah, what peace to keep pace with the waves of the sea! How many imaginations, how many songs, how many poems people have about this sea. But how many seas do we know? Where can you turn around and get refreshed? In fact, a sea is a place where people can innovate. Recognize yourself in a new way. So, the sea is the preferred destination for those who are thirsty for travel.

Some like the mountains, some of the sea. Someone ran into the deep forest. So, there are many who cannot ignore the attraction of the two mountains and the sea. So when the time comes, people who are thirsty for travel go out to know the unknown and to see the unseen. Some days, at least, the mother gets addicted to breaking the rules by going beyond the monotonous necessary boundaries of her acquaintance. Just as a beautiful travel experience becomes an asset for a lifetime, so it takes up space in the camera and is stored in the memory box. 


For the entire beach lover, there is nothing in the world that matches the ebb and flow of the glorious sands along the sparkling waters. Whether you just want to relax and get ready for some sunbathing or play with plenty of water sports and activities there, the beach experience serves your soul to the fullest. However, after traveling on the beach most women are busy buying bathing suits for women to relish the sea bathing. Today, there are only a few beaches for sea-loving people. Wherever you go, your eyes and mind will be fascinated.

Goa, the dreamland for beach lover:

When the name of the beach is mentioned, the word Goa comes to mind first. There are various forms of beaches scattered in Goa. Somewhere the sea is roaring like a tiger, somewhere in the quiet calm with gentle form. The English New Year celebrations at Candlem Beach are great. There are also 13 beaches such as Baga Beach, Calangute Beach, Anjuna Beach, Butterfly Beach, Donna Paula Beach, Galgibaga Beach, and Kerry Beach. Apart from that, there are many beaches in Goa. Every year, 20 million domestic and foreign tourists visit Goa.

Gokarna, the place of holy water:

Gokarna is situated in Karnataka. Gokarna is located 190 km away from Goa and this place is one of the most popular pilgrimage destinations in India. This coast is surrounded by extraordinary beauty. There are also Mahabaleshwar Temple, Om Beach, Halfmoon Beach, and Paradise Beach. However, the communication system with the main city is also very good. This beach has all the elements to enjoy. The whole coast is covered with sand and immediately covered with rocks.

Gopalpur, the place of golden sand:

Orissa is a state enclosed by beautiful temples. One of its areas is Gopalpur. Gopalpur is a very famous beach by the sea. This region is located 190 km from Bhubaneswar. The whole beach is covered in golden sand. This is a beach ideal for sunbathing. Its natural beauty is very popular with tourists.

Pondicherry, the beautiful beach:

Pondicherry was the coast of the French in subjugated India. French art, culture, architecture, sculpture are scattered throughout the city. Sri Arvind Ashram is located here. This beautiful city by the sea has captivated the minds of the people for many years. Everything from boating, sunbathing, kayaking, etc. is available in this Pondicherry.

Havelock, the white sandy shores:

Bright white sandy shores along with the blue water under the blue sky that is Havelock. However, this beautiful view is found in Havel, Andaman. As bright as coral, so bright are green all around and rows of coconut trees. It would seem that if you close your eyes, you will miss it. So you will want to just look at it in a neutral way. Hence, this Best Amazing Beaches accompanied by some fun man-made arrangements. Which will test your courage and increase your joy a few more times. There is scuba diving, snorkeling, trekking, elephant riding, and much more. But if you want, you can just immerse yourself in nature.

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