11 secrets to becoming a successful travel blogger

11 secrets to becoming a successful travel blogger



Do you wish to be a successful traveling blogger? Learn how to grow and also boost your traveling blog with my finest guidance after 9 years of professional blog writing. After discovering a method and also successfully developing this job, I wish to share it with you.

The interpretation of “professional” is when you have a good life from travel blogging.

I have actually been successful in travel blogging for 9 years. In the initial year, I simply considered it a leisure activity, a leisure activity, but then I began to obtain more major. Today, it’s my only source of income, and I make 6 figures a year.

There’s nothing wrong with blogging as a hobby. As a matter of fact, that’s the method many people assume. Nonetheless, if your email obtains an invite to advertise or any favorable signals concerning the blog site you are writing, it is time to turn your imagine traveling blogging into an economic work.

Becoming an expert travel blog owner or fashion travel blog owner is truly tough and also hard. This write-up is meant for people that want to attempt this job or anything associated.


What is a Travel blogger?

What is a professional traveling blogger? Exactly any individual can begin blogging and also come to be a blog owner. When entering this career, every person has to get over obstacles, with both the positive and also the negative.

For instance, today this career has countless individual traveling blog sites on social networking or media platforms, to make a distinction is the difficulty.

Nonetheless, according to my definition: People who generate income, either part or every one of the travel blogging, are considered professionals. This listing is simply a really moderate number. As far as I forecast, just a few hundred individuals have a good revenue from this career (more than $ 2,000 monthly) from the travel blogs they have actually created.

Possibly I am a fortunate instance of having been successful after several years of obstacle and transformed my interest for traveling right into a money-making task. This is the reason that I determined to share the key with you.

My roadmap is not the only way to be effective, but you can check it out for more helpful info.

Structure your audience is the golden key!

This write-up will not speak about the manner ins which economic traveling blog owners can use. Many individuals ask me concerning this, however I believe, the trouble that you need to appreciate is: Exactly how to construct visitors for the blog.

When beginning an expert blog site, you require to understand that you will just make money when you have a huge audience. Requirement: Visitors precede, cash comes later. So today we’re going to cover a few different strategies for building target market involvement on travel blog sites, as well as distinct tactics to get you discovered by business that intend to collaborate with bloggers.

Effective tips for becoming a succesful travel blogger

Create useful travel content

It’s easy to journal your travels for family and friends to refer to. However, when you want strangers to be interested in and read your travel blog, you need to bring in the more useful and necessary information.

There are numerous topics regarding travel that visitors have an interest in such as exactly how to invest money, excellent dining establishments or food, points you should do, cultural or religious notes, excellent photography, just how to do it. Travel video clips, …

The crucial to success is pursuing your enthusiasm, doing things you like, yet still creating worth for your viewers. What do individuals like to look for? Allow’s start doing some research.

There are several questions on online forums such as Check-in VietNam or Metrip. You can leave solution to concerns your viewers are asking yourself to help drive engagement for your blog.

For instance, there are many individuals asking about just how to conserve cash when traveling to Korea, as opposed to addressing one by one, I composed a blog post with lots of beneficial info and then published it on the blog, sending out the link to those online forums help raise engagement for my blog.

The short article is shared and also has a stable quantity of searches on Google, as it brings a lot of beneficial details.


Create interesting things

Do Intriguing Points – Sounds basic, yet tough when sensational news, interesting information, or obstacles all need constant creativity.

You can write experiences about a solo journey in Da Lat – The place is known as the valley of love. Go snorkeling at Binh Ba Island – Nha Trang. Climb to the top of Phanxipang in Sapa and also proudly placed on the national flag. Every 1 intriguing experience-rated on a range of 1-10 will certainly be a wonderful destination for visitors.

There are a ton of great activities suitable for showing to a wide target market. Arrange your blog site in a clinical and easy-to-read way to ensure that when readers discover it, you will feel comfortable getting information.


Post on other blogs

When you initially start blogging, it’s not natural to have visitors concern. The very best method to locate audience is to create messages on other preferred blog sites and gradually bring in back to your blog.

Thanks to this way, you will get to numerous visitors, in addition to boosting brand understanding and also reputation for the blog site you are constructing. Nevertheless, you require to get authorization from various other blog writers to do this. This is also just how you can construct extra partnerships in the blogger’s neighborhood.

Pick good blog posts on an appropriate blog, the expense will certainly aid you to bring fantastic advantages. In addition, you can likewise capitalize on the power of Search Engine Optimization in the pages that link to your blog. Attempt to rapidly and also successfully end up being an expert traveling blogger.


Use social media

Staying active on social media sites is extremely important if you want to make money from writing. Use your time on social media effectively, not wasting it without any benefit. Following my scientific process, I will spend about an hour early in the morning organizing posts and spending an hour at the end of the day responding to comments.

In addition, you can also use paid tools to research the best time to post on social networks. You will find this information when using the live features of social networking applications or contacting a 3rd party to assist you.

For example, I find that Facebook posts from 8 am and 20 pm is most effective, while on Instagram, from 9 pm to 23pm every day is the “golden hour”. What works for me may not work for you, everything is always changing, you should take the initiative to experience.

Remember not to just focus on posting on social media, you need to regularly interact with readers by replying to comments and sharing other people’s content if you think they are suitable for your audience. friend.

Some specific tips for each social network vary based on my experience:


For Facebook, it makes sense to post 1-2 posts per day, with short, engaging photos and captions. You should post in cluster photos (about 10 pieces) for each album. Tag your own photos when you post on the fanpage so that friends of your friends will see them and increase interaction. Besides, using Video or Facebook Live is also a potential activity.


Update 4-5 posts on Twitter every day, if there are more effective images. You should only use 1 hashtag or not. Schedule new blog posts 3-4 times per month. You can tag the Company or travel organizations as you see fit, giving you the chance to be retweeted by these organizations, increasing the branding of your blog. I follow and schedule posts with Buffer Pro.


Using the right number of posts per day makes my engagement on each photo more effective. Tag your location so that your photos can also be seen by others. I usually use 2-3 hashtags in a post, use 20-25 hashtags aimed at other targets in the first comment. Using long descriptions (telling a story) seems to work very well on Instagram. Another tip to help you increase engagement is to ask an opening question at the end. I use Iconosograph Pro on my laptop to help me find, browse, and comment faster.

Some other social networks

Other social networks like Youtube or Pinterest are also very potential and important. However, I still cannot optimize their effectiveness when using them, so I dare not give advice to you. You see, becoming a professional travel blogger takes a lot of learning and never ends.

Press features

You need to find a way to self-communicate and market yourself using communication tools in large channels effectively. If you think popular travel bloggers have a large audience, compared to mainstream and reputable media, that is only a modest number. Take the initiative to come up with your story instead of waiting for someone to notice you.

A few of my secret recipes you can use:

  • Spend some time researching the media, especially which features are suitable for travel bloggers. Pay attention to learn more about the article authors.
  • Connect with authors on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, follow them, and add them to your public friend’s list. Share your posts and remember to tag them. Ask questions and give them helpful compliments, but don’t bother them.
  • Incorporate your projects/articles/ideas with today’s hot topics – Something that many people find appealing, like the one I mentioned above (do interesting things).
  • The last thing to do is give them your perfect idea after a few months. Let them know you want to give them the opportunity to report first.

Take the time to develop a relationship with the content editors of major media websites, you will have more opportunities when they are interested in your blog and give you great website features. great communication.

Effective SEO when blogging

Search engine optimization (SEO) is when you adjust the content of your article for visibility on the top of Google search. This can be a bit cheating, but it is a way to help your posts get more engagement.

That is my understanding of SEO. If you only write for traditional journals do not pay too much attention to this issue, the editor will implement them and get the best results. This is not a cult, it is just a skill applied by experienced people.

Travel blogging and SEO have always had an association

Don’t worry if you don’t understand SEO. Find a way to learn about it or ask someone experienced to help you. Because like it or not, ensuring optimal search content on Google is a real necessity when building a successful travel blog.

A very useful example of SEO

A concrete example of how I use SEO. If I want to use SEO for the keyword “professional travel blogger”.

You’ll find that term in a few places in the post: URL, title, meta description, first paragraph, subheading, and at least 5 different times in full post content.

Also, I will name the main photo using the correct main keyword, along with the caption and description tag. I’ll also link this post from other travel blog pages with my primary keyword.

When you try to search for the keyword “professional travel blogger” or any other keyword, Google will display the relevant search results at the bottom of the page. You can incorporate some related keywords in your article is an effective SEO.

After completing the steps, go to an Incognito browser and search again for the keyword “professional travel blogger” on Google to see how the results are received.

Along with web SEO, how to build the authority of a travel blog is also extremely important. That means pages that backlink from different websites to your blog through posting, using media features, mentioning useful content, or other tutorials … will be linked. nature.

SEO is a big and frequently changing topic, so you should find mainstream websites to learn more about it or take a basic course to have a stepping stone to learn the necessary content. blog creation job.

Building Email list

Building an email subscriber list is one of the most important things you must do for your travel blog, even more, important than the social media accounts following you. The person who gives you an email to your true fans will take the time to read through the articles you post. Simply because email is a much more personal asset than your social media accounts, it brings high quality to your website.

Every day you can receive thousands of updates in your social accounts, but you can only receive a maximum of 50 emails, showing their differences.

When you send email subscribers a message, the likelihood that they will see it. So how do I build email subscribers? There are 2 main factors are the value they get and how easy it is to execute.

For example, I am providing a free travel photography ebook that contains a lot of pictures I have taken around the world. I can use 3rd party software to make it easier to reach subscribers.

Alternatively, you can send offers to email providers such as sending promotional vouchers of major brands or e-commerce platforms.

Advertise your Blog

I spend my own money promoting my travel blog on Facebook, Twitter, and other blogs as well. In fact, I’m also spending money to promote this article itself.

I use the money to reach my target audience, not unrelated people. Therefore, the percentage of people interested in my blog is more realistic and they may become regular readers. In the event that you sell products, they will become your customers.

All audiences like magazines, manufacturers, photographers, even non-profit organizations need to spend money on advertising or marketing. If you start with no advertising costs, then you will need to use this approach for the future as well. All aimed at articles that will be active, highly interactive.

Treat your blog like a business if you want to monetize it.

Create a foothold in the professional tourism community

The way to brand yourself in travel blogging is to connect with others in your profession when given the opportunity. It is an investment in both money and time, but well worth it.

When you have direct contact with business partners, bloggers in the same industry, or potential partners, if you have more relationships you will have an advantage. They will be more inclined to you than people they have never met before.

There are many benefits to a professional community. Be actively writing and sharing blogs on Facebook groups and on social media. If your contributions are constructive or a good question, the people in the industry will pay attention to you.

Collaboration with other travel bloggers also helps expand your reach. Or you can combine with travel agents in other media channels like YouTuber Khoai Lang Thang. This can be beneficial for both parties.

Hire people to work

Running a successful travel blog is like running a magazine but without any employees. At the same time, you need to do a lot of work, being both the CEO, the owner, and the lowest-level employee.

Now imagine that you also have to take on the role of photographer, writer, editor, accountant, marketing team, graphic design, public relations, web development, videographer, finance, secretary, trainee, …

Each person takes years to master a job, but as a blog owner, you are trying to do it all by yourself. As a professional travel blogger, you’re responsible for everything – while dealing with the challenges & challenges of traveling abroad. So when you start making income, hire someone else to help you run your business.

It took me too long to understand the importance of this and now I have just started looking for the help of others.

An assistant that helps me research, public relations, manage social media and track and operate outlined plans, an accountant for distributing revenues and expenditures, a video editor, an editor, and graphic designer.

Hiring others allows you to focus on what you are good at and leave the rest to people with expertise better than you.

Personal branding

The key to the success of travel bloggers or any bloggers in any other field is to be different and stand out from the crowd. Effective branding and management are very important. Instead of trying to give all information to your readers, focus in-depth and 1 to 2 areas.What are you passionate about? What motivates you to strive?

When planning a new article/project, ask yourself if it really fits your brand. My own branding is based on adventure travel, so the majority of my articles are on this subject. Thanks to this difference, I will attract the right target group, if they want to learn about adventure travel, they will more likely come to me.

Stay consistent across all of your channels, and your online marketing will help drive your brand. Your logo, theme photo, social media accounts, and blog content all reflect your brand’s values ​​& mission.

Good branding helps you have a steady stream of dynamism, regularly updating your posts. As a result, companies will want to cooperate with you, making money more opportunities.

See the reality of professional travel bloggers

To successfully travel blogging is not easy. If you think this is just a simple job then completely wrong. Hope the information in this article will be useful to you. Most travel blogs will have a positive future if they are lucky to pass the first year.

People who spend a lot of time on it and take it seriously can be successful. Do not worry too much about the advice in this article, it is just my own summary that will be doing this for a long time, each person will have different opportunities and difficulties. However, I still believe this is the best job I have ever had.

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